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The Jabra Soundbar

Feb 3, 2020

Christian Schiester believes anyone can change their life. And he would know, having gone from a heavy drinker and 40-a-day smoker being told he wouldn’t live to see 30, to becoming one of the world’s great ultrarunners. Within two years of deciding to make a change he had completed the New York marathon and won his first Austrian half-marathon crown.


In this episode we meet Christian at the Red Bull HQ in Fuschl, Austria, and hear how he’s ended up accomplishing incredible things like completing the Marathon des Sables - a gruelling six-day race across the Sahara Desert - and even winning the hardcore five-day Himalayan Run. He explains how recording his progress is absolutely crucial to keeping him going, and how he had to go to extremes in his running to make sure there was no option to back out and finish halfway.


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